Borderlands 2 Skill Tree Calculator Is Online!

Borderlands 2 is getting closer and closer to launching in the next couple of weeks. Have you decided what class you are going to choose? What different skill trees you are going to follow? Are you going to be the meaty Gunserker (I know I am) or maybe even the Siren.

If you can’t decide what character you want to play as when your copy arrives on your doorstep then look no further than the Borderlands 2 Skill Tree calculator that is available now on the official website for the game. The skill tree allows you to look over all of the abilities and skills that you will be able to upgrade for your character and decide which path you plan to follow as you slowly level up while taking out the hundreds of insane creatures in the game, completing a ton of quests and using up millions of bullets.

Check out the Skill Calculator on the main site now by clicking here. Happy gaming!

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