F1 2012 And Harry Potter Kinect Demos Now Available

For the first time in months, I finally had a reason to load up the demos section of the Xbox Live Marketplace and download a new demo for myself. And let me say that Harry Potter Kinect is a wonderful game. Ok, that was a lie. F1 2012 releases in just over a week so I thought I would give the demo a try to see if the game is as good as it looks. And yes, it is, the graphics are slick, the details of the vehicles are absolutely stunning and the gameplay is just as fun as last years F1 game, if not so much better.

A demo for Harry Potter Kinect is also available for download, I didn’t try this myself but you can imagine that waving your arms around while Harry shouts spells will be a majority of the experience.

Check out the demos for F1 2012 and Harry Potter Kinect available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace now.

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