Timed-Exclusive DLC Revealed For Xbox Resident Evil 6

Xbox 360 owners have been getting a fair amount of timed exclusive DLC games recently, with games such as GTA4 and more recently the big one, Modern Warfare 3. Of course PlayStation owners can sit back and relax playing Battlefield 3 maps before any Xbox 360 owners.

Resident Evil 6 will launch with three exclusive timed game modes called Survivors, Predator and Siege. Each of the three different modes will be completely different and exclusive for the time being for Xbox 360 owners only.

Predator Mode involves playing trying to survive against an attacking Ustanak. Predator Mode is a Iast man standing game type but the players who die will be respawning at zombies and enemy players. And finally the Siege Mode is an attack and defend game mode in which each team has to either attack the NPC or protect them.

All three modes will release not long after the game hits retail on October 6th. No word on when PlayStation gamers can expect the game modes.

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