RAW – Realms Of Ancient War Gets A Release Date

Not only do we have the release date for RAW-Realms of Ancient War, but we have a the RAW co-op trailer to share with you.

First information about the release dates:

Console players will get their Hack’n’Slash fill this year! RAW – Realms of Ancient War is getting ready for a prompt arrival next week on consoles. It will be available on September 19th on Xbox LIVE® and the European PlayStation®Network, and September 25th on the American PlayStation®Network. The PC version is planned for a slightly later release (October 4th to be exact).

Now for the co-op trailer we told you about:

In this great co-op adventure, friends may join any time in the game to lend a hand in assaulting monster hordes of growing strength! Cooperative play maximizes team strengths and optimizes all attack tactics. While a Warrior distracts the enemy in melee battle, the Wizard is free to cast his most powerful spells in safety! Good coordination will be required, as the monsters in co-op mode will be stronger than the monsters of single player mode!

For more information check out their website as well as their Facebook page.

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