The New York Comic Con 2012 Competition Has Been Extended

We told you about the awesome competition being held by Curicon a couple of days ago and now we are back to let you know that the competition has been extended until September 23! Now if you haven’t entered just yet don’t forget to enter this code (Curicon Issue #1 – 434f4445) we found laying on the office floor as well as the following ways.

First they may be leaking Curicon Metal Card codes on their Facebook page as well as on their Twitter so be sure to follow them as well as Like their Facebook page.

Once you have entered, don’t forget to checkout your competition dashboard to keep track of your entries.

And finally if you want more entries here are some tips:

Share your unique URL to gain 10 extra entries per person!

Earn reputation by submitting items, answering questions, adding items to your collection and participating in discussions.
Find the Curicon Metal Card Codes
Find a bonus code online or at a convention

But the easiest way to gain entries is to invite your friends as you get 10 entries per person!

So what are you waiting for, head over to Curicon right now to enter this awesome competition.

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