Indie Royale Launches Back To School Bundle

Another month, another bundle. And this time for once it’s games that I didn’t purchase 5 months ago in a Humble Indie Bundle.

Back To School is the name of this months bundle and there are some nice little hidden gems this time around. ‘Swords & Soldiers‘ is the main highlight of this bundle and you even get the downloadable content pack ‘Super Spicy Sausage Fest’ for free!

Also in the bundle is ‘Lunar Flight‘, a realistic simulator that puts you in control of one of the lunar landers and tasks you will various objectives such as lifting off and also landing (sounds easy, trust me, it’s not). Other games included in the bundle are ‘Bunny Must Die‘, ‘Qlione‘, ‘Flying Red Barrel‘, ‘Sequence‘ and finally the wonderfully named ‘Cute Things Die Violently‘.

The bundle is available for the next 4 days. At the moment the minimum price on the bundle is £3.39. That’s a pretty good deal for seven games!

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