Black Ops Coming To Mac This Month

Call of Duty: Black Ops is finally coming to Mac, not even the second Black Ops game, the first one. Not to say that Black Ops is a bad game, but come on, if you are a gamer that wants to play Black Ops, you wouldn’t wait for the Mac release, you’d have either bought the console version or gone through different means to play the PC version.

If you still want to play Black Ops on your Mac then the release date of the game is September 27th. It is coming to Steam and also available retailers. The game will include the ‘First Strike’ Map Pack that was previously available as a downloadable content pack. The total for the game and the DLC pack will cost you $50, with the Rezurrection downloadable pack costing an additional $15. The other two packs will be available as a bundle on a later date.

Check out Black Ops on Mac when it releases on September 27.

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