Uncharted 3 Game Of The Year Edition Now Available

North America Cover Art

What do you mean you haven’t played Uncharted 3 yet!? Well if you are a little late to the game you are in luck because you are going to not only save some cash but you will get a ton of extra content to include multiplayer maps, character skins and more for the low price of $39.99 in the US and £29.99 in UK.

Europe Cover Art

Maybe you need a new PlayStation and 3 and haven’t picked up Uncharted 3 yet we have a deal for you. Well for $270 you can pick up the Uncharted 3 Game of the Year Edition Bundle, in addition to the new PlayStation 3 you will get:

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year Edition Blu-ray
Voucher worth over $30 towards Dust 514 bonus digital content
Additional voucher for a free 30 day membership of PlayStation Plus

For the official unboxing of the new PS3 take a look at the video below.

There you have Platform Nation stay tuned for more information as we receive it as well as checking out Naughty Dog’s website.

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  • BDazzler

    Thanks Scott. I don’t have Drake 3, so the GOTY edition for $40 is on my list. I’ve thought about picking up a second PS3 for the other room, but it WON’T be a 3rd gen PS3. That is the crappiest design I’ve seen. The disk door looks set to let tons of dust into your system and you can’t take advantage of the thinner system because the top opens up for the disc. Sony, how can you drop the ball so many times. Maybe the replacement refs will give you a touchdown, but just like the Seahawks, you’re still losers!