Forza Horizon Season Pass Revealed

Another month and another Season Pass has been announced, this time the lucky game is Forza Horizon. I’m not surprised that the game is getting a Season Pass as the previous game that holds the Forza name was also one of the first games to actually have one.

Forza Horizon’s Season Pass will cost you $49.99. Almost the price of the game and for that reason I think I’m going to give this Season Pass a miss. I can justify it to myself buying a $20 one but when it comes to $50 that’s when I think it’s probably going to be better for me just to wait and see what is in each individual pack, especially when the game is a racing game and the packs might just feature different variants of cars already in the game. If new tracks or anything non-carlike get released then I will have to buy separately.

For 4000 Microsoft Points you will get six car packs with six cars in each, the launch day pack, and five bonus exclusive cars. This equals 17% overall savings that you are getting. The Season Pass for Forza Horizon will launch alongside the game on October 23rd.

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