FyFYI Episode 159: Geese

Defensive polygon writers, Arthur Gies, Dishonored, Borderlands 2, more Arthur Gies, XCOM, Arthur Gies, Walking Dead episode 4, Press Reset, a touch of New Little Kings Story, Retro City Rampage, and Dr. Who.


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  • angrypants

    First off I’m sorry for your loss, after you read my comment you may want to think that I’m just a F$#% who’s here to spread hate on your podcast, but I am in fact human and I know that the loss of a family member is hard. I hope you have some great games to help you through the hard time.

    I really didn’t like your podcast, well, episode 159 at least. I recently started following @platform_nation on twitter and your podcast popped up! As a fellow podcaster myself (my podcast is very new / green / I’ve only produced a few episodes so far) I feel it necessary to check out other video game podcast, especially ones not produced by big name websites. Not that I don’t enjoy the big websites podcasts, I just feel obligated to know whats out there for inspiration and knowledge of the community.

    Right off the bat you begin talking about a writer for Polygon named Arthur Gies, in fact your episode description had his name in it 3 times. At the time I thought he was a going to be a guest on the show, when in fact you just wanted to talk about how much you didn’t like him. In the podcast episode you mention ep7 of Press Reset and how much of an ass this man was so I was intrigued. I Don’t know him in real life but I do know his work and have listened to him on a few podcast in the past. I watched the video and was confused, on your podcast you keep calling him an asshole, but what I saw in that video was someone trying to get the best out of his writers, for their sake and his. Being the boss is hard, especially when its your reputation on the line and you and those same writers are about to try to compete in an already crowded market of game review sites. You say you hate him, do you even know him? are you so ready to say you hate a human from what you’ve seen on a video or what you’ve heard from neogaf or another website?

    I think I’m a positive person who try’s to see the best in people but I cant listen to cast that so insulting to people they don’t know. I’m sorry but its not for me.

    I’m no big fan of Arthur’s or, but your words just seem mean for the sake of mean or maybe you truly do hate these people in which I don’t want to hear that either, its not entertaining or on subject. Call me a care bear but if you want to hate on a game or a sites content I understand that, because you view / understand the content and you as a human are aloud to share said opinion. But when you review a human being’s integrity and essence you aught to know them as well as you can know a game or a movie, but people are more complex arnt they. They have depth and feelings and fears that you can never know because you’re not God basically. The last thing I want to hear on a podcast is the review of people from an uneducated basis.


  • Chipoko

    angrypants – First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment about the episode.

    When Pete and I sit down to record something we roll tape and chat about whatever is on our minds. The conversation that you heard about Arthur Gies is a reflection of our mutual frustration over the attitude that he brings to his work. Now, I am willing to concede that we may have gone done the route of name calling too often, where we probably should have given a more detached analysis of why we think his attitude is a poor fit for his media work.

    Pete and I record the sound of two friends having a chat. That means that the result can be entertaining or informative or offensive or wrong. I tend to simply express how I feel without filtration, when I feel frustrated perhaps I need to consider filtering a little more than I do.

    I wish you all the best with the work you’re doing on your podcast. I am a bit of a podcast maniac so I’d love to tune in sometime and see what you’re up to.

    Jim Chips.

    • angrypants

      “Pete and I record the sound of two friends having a chat.”

      Well said, far be it for me to step in the way of friends venting. Thank you for the adult response, it shows a lot of maturity. I think i need to know more about your show so as not to be so shocked at the unfiltered venting of friends. I may be a little over sensitive to the subject in this weeks episode, but next week when u tare apart, i dunno, American politics I may be right on board ranting with u.

      I will be back next week for 160.

      I really don’t like the idea of promoting my show in the comment section of your podcast but because you asked, my tiny new show is at
      of course feel free to leave any feedback, i would love to hear your thoughts.

      • Thanks for the comments angrypants. After 150+ episodes I think I sometimes forget that new people may be tuning in and what may seem like a throw-a-way line or section comes accross as much more serious than we intend it. Gies has been a target of ours for a long time now. I don’t hate him by any stretch of the imagination, I just find him annoying, but really he is just a launching board for us to crack some jokes. It’s not so much about him as it is about having pet topics that we can have a laugh about. But, and your post pointed this out to me, if you are coming in cold it probably just seems like we are immature (which is mostly true) dicks that are just being mean to be mean. So while we are immature, I don’t think we are mean to be mean, it’s more for a laugh. But I do understand that others might not find that funny.

        As you will find out podcasts tend to carve out their niche. We’ve been doing this for a while and have never really caught on with large numbers of listeners, probably because of penchant for heading straight to the gutter. But, to us, that’s fun. And to the few people who listen each week I think they enjoy that also. What you are suggesting – positivity – is much more difficult to pull off and likely much more rewarding. So i wish you luck. I will be keeping an eye on your show.

        And thanks for the condolences about my grandmother.

        • angrypants

          well no harm no foul, thanks for the responses and I look forward to next weeks episode. I really did enjoy all the game talk in ep 159.