Fall 2012 Dashboard Update Out Now For All

If you didn’t get chance to take part in the BETA for the new dashboard, you’ll be happy to know that the Fall 2012 dashboard is now available for all to download. When you load up your Xbox 360 the usual system message should appear saying that your console needs an update. So get downloading!

I was lucky enough to take part in the BETA and let me just say that the new Dashboard is an incredible improvement. While aesthetically it looks similar to the previous dashboard, new additions such as the ability to pin items to the main page of the dashboard so you don’t have to go looking through menus to find the game that you are currently playing and launch it that way. Another cool thing about the updated dashboard is the Internet Explorer app. I had a little play around with it when I first got access and its definitely a cool web browser for those who want to browse the web on your Xbox 360.

Load up your Xbox 360 and get updating!

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  • vana

    what if you didnt get the update

  • Tajh Hill

    I didnt get it either