The Walking Dead Collector’s Edition Retail Bundle Revealed

Fresh off the release of Episode 4 of The Walking Dead. New information has been revealed about the Collector’s Edition bundle (alongside the normal release of the game) that will be exclusive to GameStop. The bundle features a pretty cool inclusion for fans of The Walking Dead.

The bundle will obviously feature all five episodes of the first season of The Walking Dead game on a disc. The extra little treat that the bundle will include are the first 48 issues of the comic in The Walking Dead Compendium One, which also has exclusive cover art by Charlie Adlard. I highly recommend picking this up as the comic book is nail-bitingly awesome and tense from issue to issue.

With the fifth and final episode of this season of the game to be released at some point in November. Both the Collectors Edition and the Standard Edition of The Walking Dead games will cost $30 and $70 respectively. The retail copies are for Xbox 360 and PS3 and are currently dated for December 4th.

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