Free Skyfall DLC Coming To 007 Legends This November

Owners of 007 Legends are in luck as they will get a free downloadable Skyfall content pack that will include content for the game has been dated and will release on November 9th.

007 Legends launched onto consoles last week as was met with some pretty low to average reviews which is a shame as the game looked really good in the pre-release material. Maybe the game just needed a little bit of Skyfall in it to spruce it up. The game is out now on consoles and due to release on PC on November 2nd. The Skyfall DLC pack in addition to a Skyfall single player story will also add exclusive multiplayer content which will be two characters from the film.

Keep your eye out for the Skyfall DLC in 007 Legends on November 9th.

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  • MLepp611

    PLEASE, tell me that the multiplayer content will not be strictly limited to the addition of “two characters” from Skyfall!! Give us some maps! These maps suck! We need more!