PS3 Firmware 4.30 Detailed, Out Today!

Another month, another piece of firmware for your PlayStation 3. This time it’s version 4.30 and features some changes to the trophy system and gets rid of something that you have probably never used on your console.

The major things about this minor firmware update is that any Trophies that you earn on your PlayStation Vita will be up and able to view on your PS3. This is a not too big of a deal but I can imagine for someone who owns and frequently plays a PlayStation Vita now has the ability to show off all of your Platinum Trophies to your PS3 only friends. Another minor tweak is that the Trophy collection is making from the games section to the PSN section on your XMB (congratulations?)

The other notable change with the firmware is the removal of [email protected], a service that has been around for absolutely ages and unfortunately wasn’t used by owners of the console. It’s a shame that the service wasn’t used more as you had the ability to use the idle processing power of your PS3 to contribute towards Stanford University disease research, which is a really smart and great use of the PS3.

Firmware 4.30 is out today, get downloading!

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