Grand Theft Auto V Coming Spring 2013

After multiple leaks of posters displaying the release date of Grand Theft Auto V, first from a gaming website and then a tweet direct from a GAME store in the UK. Rockstar Games have officially announced the release date of Grand Theft Auto V to be Spring 2013.

I think the general estimated release date of the game was already roughly going to be early next year but it’s great news to finally have an official announcement that we can expect it next year. The game will be up and available for pre-order on November 5th, no information has been revealed about any special editions but I’m hoping that the game has something just as brilliant as the GTA4 special edition (yes, I still use my GTA4 duffel bag and it’s awesome).

More information is due to be released about Grand Theft Auto V so stick around for more information as we creep closer to the date, remember to get your pre-order in next week!

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