Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience Now Available

Forza Horizon was released on Xbox 360 last week and now the SmartGlass experience is available for Windows 8 users.

Surprisingly the features that you get in SmartGlass for Forza Horizon could be put to good use when racing around the streets surrounding the festival. The main and primary feature is the ability to select a marker or a location that you want to go to on SmartGlass and then your in game waypoint will automatically points itself in that direction. Alternatively you could press the back button and select it yourself in game but that’s way too much effort.

On SmartGlass you will also be able to filter the map to only show specific events or locations and you will also get the location of all of the collectables around the map waiting for you to smash into them.

SmartGlass is already out for Horizon so feel free to pick it up next time you are in Forza and want to save yourself opening the in game map. It’s Windows 8 only at the moment but additional platforms are coming soon (SmartGlass iPad app please?)

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