A Terrible Player’s Transition: MW3 To BO2…A Love Story

Ish just got real….

I wouldn’t say I’ve had a lot of time to play Black Ops 2 like I really want to, with having 2 jobs and trying to develop myself back on this wonderful gaming site, but there is one thing I’ve noticed when playing. I am much better at Black Ops 2, rather than Modern Warfare 3, and I think I know why. Some of the maps (a.k.a Hijacked) are very small and cause me to think faster and plan out an actual plan of attack. It seemed like the damage was so high in MW3 that all I had to do was to throw out my javelin, a grenade and wait for the multi-kill to come up on my screen.

When talking to friends, a lot of them say that Black Ops 2 is much more objective based, which I didn’t believe until I actually played the game. It looks like they were right. A mode called “Hardpoint” is one of my favorite things to play, maybe it’s because I am right, or maybe with everything said, truthfully I am a scrub playing against other scrubs and just happen to be better? But all in all, it seems to me that is it a better game with much more objective based gameplay and seemingly less campers and shotgun runners than I’ve experienced in MW3, thats for sure. I don’t know what happened to them all, but I like to think they all fell into a burning pit somewhere as I used to do.

I will always leave my posts with a question or two. Do you guys or gals like MW3 better or BO2? Are you a terrible player such as myself, or consider yourself something completely different?

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  • I would say that I am waaaaay better at Blops 2 than Battlefield 3. The vehicles in Battlefield just get on my nerves. Depends if I’m having a good day or not though, some days on Blops 2 I just get slaughtered!

  • It would appear you and I are playing an entirely different game…

    Unless you’re playing with a party of friends, team work is just as lacking in Black Ops 2 as it was in previous Call of Duty games. Players STILL kill-whore, STILL ignore objectives and are STILL out for themselves. Moreover, campers and shotgun-ers are still prevalent. They’re just harder to notice with all the hip-firing SMG wielders running around.

    As such I’ve gone back to Battlefield 3. I find it more enjoyable and a lot more team/objective-focused.

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