Weekend Play: Techno King And Hundreds

No promises, but here’s a thing I’m going to try to start doing. Every Friday, I’m going to list out a few games you should try to play over the weekend. They’ll generally be little quick games, either something mobile or Flash-based or super indie. I find it odd, but most of my gaming actually gets done on weekdays with Saturday and Sunday allowing for only bits and pieces of entertainment at odd or mostly inconvenient times. So now both we can share in how I fill those gaps with gaming spackle.

Techno King

I wrote a little about indie developers Vlambeer a while ago during Fantastic Arcade where they were showing off Luftrausers and they’re back with a fun (and free) little arena shooter called Techno King. From what I can tell, you pilot a…thing (a mech?) against enemy mechs that are trying to destroy Neo Tokyo as what I assume is a misguided celebration of the New Year. It’s WASD + mouse and totally maddening. You have to dodge a bunch of incoming missiles and whatnot as you destroy the very city you’re meant to protect. It’s a fairly counterintuitive premise, but Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail explained it well: “If you destroy everything, they can’t destroy it.”

It’s also very much a nod to Earth Defense Force with the aforementioned twist. But it’s also a bit of an additional design element that greatly affects how you play. “The more you’re winning, the less cover you have.” It’s a tough but addicting game. Get it for free now for both PC and Mac.

Also, is it just me, or is it impossible to see “Press R to restart” now and not think of Hotline Miami?


Hundreds is the result of what could be considered sort of a supergroup of otherwise singular independent developers. First off, you have Adam Saltsman and Eric Johnson, progenitors of the infinite-run, single-press touchscreen fad with Canabalt. Then there’s Greg Wohlwend, half of the team behind wonderfully fantastic Gasketball and one-third of the team behind equally fun and frantic Puzzlejuice. Top it off with the musical stylings of Scott Morgan and you have Hundreds.

The trailer does a poor job of explaining what it is, so let me try: Hundreds is a game where you try to tap and hold on circles to fill up their numbers so everything totals up to 100. This sounds simple enough until you add in the fact that if circles touch anything else while filling (and growing in size), then you lose. Also, they’re moving. Also, the movement is physics-based. Hundreds is a frustrating and infuriating and amazing and beautiful game. If Edge editor Jason Killingsworth, the only man to consistently give Super Hexagon creator Terry Cavanagh a run for his money in his own brutal game, says it’s hard, it’s hard.

But he, and everyone else/me, also says it’s good, so really, do give Hundreds a shot. It’s on sale until the 10th for just $2.99 for iOS devices, so jump on it!

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