Double Fine Eyeballing THQ Bankruptcy Auction

Just a really quick tidbit here: Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions has apparently been showing interest in the impending THQ asset auction. According to a Distressed Debt Investing tweet, the San Francisco-based studio “asked for bankruptcy filings” on the case. So what does that mean? Well, not much.

Well, not much…yet. THQ is still looking for a total buyout where the company as it stands now will simply change hands, but if enough people or companies make enough bids to outweigh any whole cloth figure, then the company’s assets will be broken up into their component pieces and sold for scrap. This means that if Double Fine and any combination of other well-off businesses make sufficient bids, we’ll see individual franchises go to individual bidders.

Since it seems unlikely that anyone is looking to pick up an entire publisher (even on the super duper cheap), we may see assets go up à la carte. Obviously, some intellectual rights will have to be sorted out, but we could see huge bidding wars for Saints Row and Darksiders. Like, gigantic! All right, maybe that’s an overstatement, but those will be going for a pretty hefty penny.

More interesting would be to think about what other studios like Double Fine would be looking to buy and what they would do with it. Double Fine presents Red Faction? Double Fine’s Homefront? Who knows. Double Fine might just be looking into something with their old partnership regarding Stacking and Costume Quest, but if THQ won’t (or can’t, at this point) continue something, then surely these studios with money to burn will (Warner Bros. also expressed interest according to that tweet).

If you’re looking to either take out a second mortgage or blow some of your trust fund, you can check out the auction procedure details. Get those bids in by 9AM EST on January 22nd or risk your dreams of owning a part of THQ go the way of, well, THQ.

Source: @DDInvesting via Joystiq

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