Prepare To Speculate Over 15 New Batman ‘Arkham’ Domains

This takes a little bit of logic, but I think we’ll all arrive at the same place once the facts are on the table. First off, DNStination is the privacy service that MarkMonitor, a brand protection and domain management agency, uses to register domain names. MarkMonitor is who Warner Bros. uses for its own website (and others like the recently announced 300: Rise of an Empire, a prequel to the 2007 action film 300). Warner Bros. owns the rights to Batman in both film and video games (and a bevy of other mediums).

Now consider this: on January 10th, Mark Monitor (via DNStination) registered 15 domains utilizing the name “Arkham.” Here’s the full list:

The one that stands out most is probably the first one in Arkham Universe. The past two Rocksteady Studios Batman productions have followed the Arkham [Locale] naming convention, each one larger than the last, so it seems to follow that Arkham Universe could be the third in their trilogy (and perhaps this is the year for it as a biennial franchise?).

There are a couple others that sound video game-y like DC Arkham Universe (which also unfortunately sounds like an MMO) and one that sounds just, well, dumb (DC Arkhamverse). The rest are more interesting if you think back to September and remember all the rumblings about a Batman film reboot happening in 2016, a reboot that would coincide with DC’s rumored Justice League attempt/response to Marvel’s The Avengers success. And consider that the rumors involved Batman in his early years as the caped crusader and then the Batman Arkham Arises, Batman Arkham Begins, and Batman Arkham Origins seem to make more sense, albeit not literally what with “Arkham” crammed in there.

However, the rumors do include the bit about the reboot being based on the Arkham video game series, even though that would seem to conflict with the origin stories part of the rumor. I mean, they’re all just whispers heard from a guy who heard from a friend who works at DC, but you can bet your pretty little pants on the fact that DC will be bringing some sort of bat-related heat in this and the next few years. The question is will anyone be dumb enough to approve something called Arkhamverse?

Source: Fusible

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