Kid Cudi Joins Aaron Paul In Need For Speed Movie

You do remember that there’s a Need for Speed movie coming out, right? It’s okay if you don’t; I kind of forgot, too. But here we are with brand new information regarding the project: hip hop artist Kid Cudi (real name Scott Mescudi) of “Day ‘n’ Nite” fame has signed on to play a part in the DreamWorks film adaptation of the EA racing game series. Also announced to be joining are Battle: Los Angeles‘ Ramon Rodriguez, The Master‘s Rami Malek, and Beneath Hill 60‘s Harrison Gilbertson. I guess we’ll see if Mescudi’s acting can Cud-i it or if it’ll be day and night from his music.

Sorry, that won’t happen again.

The new cast joins Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul, Captain America: The First Avenger‘s Dominic Cooper, and 28 Weeks Later‘s Imogen Poots. The film aims to release February 14, 2014, and has Act of Valor‘s Scott Waugh directing. The plot of the film is that Paul plays a street racer who is framed for the murder of a friend and must race from New York to Los Angeles to get revenge. Mescudi will play a member of Paul’s racing crew. No mention of whether there will be any cooking.

That’s kind of all we know. How it ties in, exactly, to the Need for Speed franchise aside from the name is still unknown. Of course, it may not connect at all like how the Final Fantasy film had nothing to do with any of the games, an admittedly disjointed series already. Presumably, there will at some point be a cop chase, so there’s a Hot Pursuit connection, but that’s just speculation.

The cross-country race definitely smells of The Run, and replace massive mob debt with false murder accusation and the movie starts to line up. Unknown! I’m gonna go watch Fast Five right now, though, to get in the mood.

Source: The Hollywood Report

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