BioShock Infinite Trailer Inspires Nostalgia, Curiosity, Fear

Normally, I steer clear of video game trailers. Correction: normally I steer clear of trailers of games that I know I’m going to want to play. Such as it is, I’ve had a hard time avoiding BioShock Infinite. Each time a new clip or tease comes out, people keep talking and talking and talking about it that I eventually resign myself to “just one more.”

Afterwards, of course, that’s all I want to talk about for the rest of the day. I am part of the problem.

But I digress. This new trailer gets around that problem by being both tongue-in-cheek and totally, utterly fantastic. It’s framed as an old 70s and 80s educational documentary entitled “Columbia: A Modern Day Icarus?” replete with film grain, hilariously obsolete production company bumper, and appropriately dry narration.

But it not only strikes at the heart of those that grew up or at least is well-familiar with that era of strange production values; this faux-history doc also reeks of Twilight Zone malaise. The bits of “real” (or at least live action) footage is neat to see but also unsettling enough to make you fearful of where your mind might wander.

Have fun watching!

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