Possible New Mass Effect 3 DLC Images

Mass Effect 3 DLC has me all twisted up inside. On one hand, I think most of it is great. From Ashes introduces a new character and, along with it, a slew of amazing character interactions. Leviathan opens up the mythos of the Mass Effect universe to some startling revelations. Omega was just all right and was probably a bit too combat-heavy, but it was serviceable. It’s enough for me to say that Mass Effect 3 is batting a hundred in its post-game support (we’ll leave the discussion of the Extended Cut for another time).

On the other hand, they are so world-shattering in their content that I can’t believe they weren’t a part of the original game. From Ashes‘ Javik opens your eyes to the Protheans, and seeing how Liara reacts to Javik being Javik is humorous, depressing, and alarming all at once. Leviathan answers one very sizable and incredibly significant question (and many you didn’t know you wanted the answer to) that totally throws your perception of the Mass Effect universe for a loop. The impact of the discoveries you make in the DLC almost overshadows what you learn in the main game. It’s almost too strange to believe.

As I said, though, the Mass Effect 3 DLC was and is great, so when executive producer Casey Hudson and producer Michael Gamble tweeted out these two teases yesterday morning, you can imagine that it made a sizable splash. They both played it coy, ending each tweet with a heavy, playful ellipsis, but you know what they’re getting at.

Sure, it was confirmed back in December that BioWare Edmonton was working on DLC, but the speculation here lies in whether or not these images are from said downloadables.

The first is an image what appears to be a place called the Sunset Strip, the ostensible space equivalent of the Las Vegas Strip or, due to the overhead coverage, Fremont Street. The second looks to be a particularly ferocious and angry mace-wielding Krogan. Angry at what? Who knows. The ground, maybe, but you can be sure we’ll find out at some point in the near future.

Source: @CaseyDHudson, @GambleMike

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