Prepare For Antichamber’s Launch With This Mind-Bending Trailer

I’ve played Antichamber. I’ve played it about three or four times over the years at various conventions and expos and whatnot, and after seeing this trailer, I can affirm any confusion you’re feeling.

Antichamber is a first-person puzzle game that comes from the singular mind of a man named Alexander Bruce. It’s been four years since he accidentally embarked on this ever-maddening quest to finish and ship this game, but here we are, looking upon a non-Euclidean precipice. If you want to know what video games can contribute to both making your brain sweat and helping you understand what non-Euclidean means, go no further than this trailer.

All that business with the stairs and the turns that turn on themselves and that bead of sweat that rolls down your forehead as you realize everything you know is a lie is standard fare for Antichamber. Four years and multiple demo playthroughs later and I still get that itchy malaise watching that video.

Antichamber launches tomorrow on January 31 on Steam.

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