Source Code’s Duncan Jones To Head Up Warcraft Movie

I wonder what Duncan Jones is thinking. He wrote and directed Moon, a critically received if commercially poor film about a man working in a solitary lunar mining facility. He followed that up two years later by directing Source Code, another highly lauded sci-fi flick about a man who is made to relive another man’s last eight minutes to solve a mystery. If he’s worried about stepping out of his father David Bowie’s shadows, I think he’s set.

But now he’s signed on to direct the Warcraft film adaptation. Penned by Blood Diamond writer Charles Leavitt for Legendary Pictures, Jones will take over where Sam Raimi had wallowed in prior to jumping ship for Oz: The Great and Powerful. This trumps mutterings of a third sci-fi, Blade Runner-inspired film called Mute and an Ian Fleming biopic.

This will be a seismic jump in terms of scope for Jones. Going from $1 million on Moon to $35 million on Source Code, this Warcraft production will reportedly be somewhere north of $100 million. Whether he intends to incorporate the entire Warcraft mythos or just a slice of it is still unknown, but Jones’ tweet seems optimistic. The production is planned to begin filming by the end of this year and hit theatres in 2015.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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