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PlayStation 4 And The Necessary Hardware Divide

It’s been over a week since the PlayStation 4 announcement/event/meeting/whatever Sony is calling it nowadays, and there’s been a lot of interesting fallout. Tech industry folk were disappointed that they didn’t get to see the actual console, game industry folk were excited at the proposition of new games, and developers loved the thought of an […]

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Tomb Raider’s Killing Curve

Crystal Dynamic’s Tomb Raider, the reboot to the storied classic franchise of yore, is less than a week out, but reviews are already running and they’re looking pretty good. I personally haven’t finished it yet but so far, the reviews match up: this is a fantastic game. The opening is a bit too Uncharted-y for […]

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A Tricky Sort Of Game

Deceit is wildly unstable. Leveraged in the proper ways, you end up with things like surprise parties and telling your friend that they totally cook as good—nay, better—as Bobby Flay. You get fun and whimsy and encouragement. The line in the sand, though, is infinitesimally small. The turn from right to wrong is but a […]

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The Puzzle Of Mystery

Mystery is, unsurprisingly, very mysterious. How it works is largely an unknown. What we want from it and what we like about it are both such largely ambiguous, impossible-to-define things that largely get relegated to something akin to “that feeling” (or dat feeling if you want to be contemporary about it). The unfortunate thing, though, […]

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