Archive | March, 2013

Children Of Liberty: One Coat, Two Coat, Red Coat

There’s a lot of Boston going in Children of Liberty. Its developer is Lantana Games, a studio founded by Savannah College of Art and Design graduates that is based entirely in Boston. It concerns the failed raid on British general Thomas Gage, the man you may remember from history class as the military governor of […]

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Get On Your Feet, We Got The BeatBuddy

“It’s gotta be sweaty in there,” I think to myself as I come up to the Reverb Publishing booth. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it is large, blue, and containing a very unlucky marketing fellow. But then I see another man, his neck overflowing with little miniature versions of this turquoise machination. […]

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Telekinesis Kyle And The Mindful Sort

The Vellum Interactive booth isn’t a booth so much as it is a foldout table and some iPad Minis. Spread across their sole physical structure is a slew of stickers that say “DOES YOUR MIND EVEN LIFT?” And if the Vellum name sounds familiar, it’s probably because they made a splash during the election last […]

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