What Do You Think Of Our New Threads?

Or actually our new look. It’s been awhile since I’ve wrote anything here at Platform Nation, minus of course the amazing podcast that I’m a part of. But with our updated look I figured I’d stop by and give you all quick update before I head off to work. So yes, we look different. I’ve been wanting to do a small redesign for some time now. Nothing flashy, nothing that’s all in your face. Just something simple and easy was what I wanted and as I hope you see, this is kind of what Platform Nation’s like now. There are still a few little small things that I have to do here and there but the less I do, the less stuff I try to add, the happier I’m going to be.

I plan to write a little bit more, especially with some new consoles on the horizon, but don’t expect anything like how things used to be. I just don’t have the time, with Ashley getting bigger and bigger (she just turned 5 last weekend), remember this? It seemed like only yesterday. But with her, with me being in such an awesome state now like Colorado (the hiking, biking, and beer are just AMAZING here!), and so many other little and big things, my priorities have changed over time. I just ran out of time to keep the site how it was, and there is no way I’m going to be able to keep it to the level that my awesome friend, Scott diMonda, was able to keep P*N running. That guy’s a machine!

So what’s next? Like I said, I’ll be doing a few other small updates to the design on Platform Nation. Our podcasts will continue to share their great shows with you all. Tim will probably continue to share some great content with you all as he’s been all year. And if I can, I’ll hopefully do a post or two during the week about just whatever I feel like I guess. Hopefully for you game lovers, it will be about games, but you just never know.

Let us know what you think though of our new design here, let me know what you think could be improved, what you like about it, or just about anything else, and to do that, all you have to do is leave a comment below. Thanks guys and gals, without you all, we never would have been able to accomplish all the amazing things that we have done over the years.

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  • I really like the new look!