Xbox One Requires Day One Update

Xbox One controllerIt’s November. You have just come home from your local video game retailer with a shiny new Xbox One in your hand. You excitedly but carefully peel open the sides of the cardboard box and slowly pull out your next generation console. After three hours of completely rearranging your media center, with wires coming out of every crevasse, you finally pick up the new slick Xbox One controller and power up your Xbox One.

You quickly choose your wifi connection and are greeted by a message informing you that your Xbox One needs to be updated before you can play those shiny new games you purchased alongside the console. The smile on your face slowly turns to a frown as you wait all of ten seconds for the console to download and install the patch. You can now play your games, but at what cost?

Ok, so that might not be the case, but all Xbox One consoles at launch will require a simple launch day patch. From what Microsoft have said, it’s a simple update to the console and from what I gather it will just be an update surrounding the recent changes to the Xbox One DRM system.

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  • Luis NoblesixZeratul Gonzalez

    I have a question, Lets say, i’m going to buy the Xbox One on Amazon, i live in Panama [Central America] The new policies says that the restriction is off now but when i purchase the Xbox One, may i be able to download that update in order to use it?