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A Standard Audio-ty

A lot of concessions are already made for stories. There’s an entire plot device, after all, that does little else but give a name to random events kicking off subsequent action. Characters often act in extravagant or over-the-top ways so as to manufacture drama that can later be resolved in (hopefully) some meaningful way. And […]

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FyFYI Episode 200: The Last Waltz

This week Rich Grisham from Gamesradar, the Press Row Podcast, and other various outlets around the internet interviews me about the first 199 episodes and where the show is going from here – with a new name. Here is where you can stream it. You can also grab it off of iTunes. Reach me at:  [email protected]Continue reading »

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Critical Strike 119: Koala Burgers

Oh look everyone, another episode where our Karl decides not to join us! Fear not though, we pulled some strings and had our old friend Thrillhouse from the Video Game Jocks join us for the first time in many many years. Here is what we discussed on this episode: Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, Rogue […]

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