Laika Believes: The Sun At Night Enters Kickstarter, Greenlight Arena

Laika Believes

You may recall Laika Believes from SXSW back in March. It’s an alternate-history 2D action-platformer that takes the eponymous Soviet space dog and puts her in some slick armor with some heavy weaponry as a resistance stands up against good ol’ Joseph Stalin. Austin, Texas-based Minicore Studios has been working on it for roughly two years now and has begun to make some moves. As of two days ago, the project has been on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, seeking both votes and $100,000 as their first episode, The Sun at Night, of the three-part story nears completion.

Over the course of development, Minicore has created their game engine, designed the levels, and fine-tuned their crafting, navigation, and upgrade mechanics and systems. The Kickstarter is to finance the final stages of music and art, both of which can be expensive and time-consuming. They’ll also be attempting to push the game out to Mac and Linux (it’s currently aimed just for PC and Xbox 360). They detail the split as $50,000 for art, $25,000 for sound, and the last $25,000 for the ports.

For your Kickstarter money, you’ll get a bevy of choices for reward tiers. In total, there are 22 different choices, ranging from a single dollar for desktop backgrounds to $50 for a physical copy of the game (with digital goodies) to $10,000 for an executive producer credit. If that’s, like, $5,000 too much for your oversized wallet, then you can just settle for a digital version of your dog in Laika’s place.

I think I would settle Laika plush.

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