Last Days Of The Laika Believes Kickstarter

Last Days of the Laika Believes Kickstarter

I spent an hour reading about the history of Sputnik 2 after watching a video tour of Richard “Lord British” Garriott’s new home in Manhattan. It turns out that he has one of the two remaining unlaunched Sputnik 2s (the other is on the desk of its creator) along with an original Sputnik 1 hanging in his skylight. You should watch it, too, because it’s like a crazy man got rich, bought a bunch of stuff, and then remembered he had to put it all somewhere. (To be fair, Garriott is really cool and extremely nice. He’s just a bit eccentric to boot.)

But after that, I remembered that there’s a whole game dedicated to Sputnik 2. Or rather, the contents of Sputnik 2: a Soviet space dog named Laika. It’s a game called Laika Believes and it’s a 2D side scrolling action platformer. You play as Laika in an alternate history where she somewhat safely returns to an Earth dominated by the Soviets and bands up with a resistance force to fight back.

We’ve previewed the game before and let you know that it jumped onto Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. The Kickstarter got canceled a week before its funding deadline where it got to $12,082 of $100,000. This was because the Austin-based developers Minicore Studios received some private funding, so they decided to relaunch with a second Kickstarter with a lowered $20,000 goal. This will fund extra sound design and implementation as well as localization to Russian and Spanish (and other languages).

The new Kickstarter currently stands at $8,880 with just three days left.

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