CastAR Makes Its Way To Kickstarter


CastAR has actually been around for a while, most notably making a big splash at Maker Faire back in May of this year. It’s a pair of glasses that you wear while it projects images on a retroreflective surface so that it comes back in 3D once it hits your eyes. There’s motion tracking so you can move around to control the full viewing range and a wand for motion control within games.

It’s a bit like the Oculus Rift, but instead of being virtual reality, the CastAR is augmented reality (hence the AR at the end of the name). A bunch of people in the know already vouch for its incredible nature, including Palmer Luckey, founder of the Oculus VR.

There’s also a great story behind the CastAR. The company behind it is Technical Illusions, which is further backed by the inventor Jeri Ellsworth and developer Rick Johnson. They both worked for Valve Software before Ellsworth serendipitously used a projector on a retroreflective material, which sparked an inspiration in her head. Ellsworth actually put together a video documenting their 18-month history with the project.

Check it out. They’ve already hit their goal of $400,000 and they’ve got 28 days left, so I think it’s safe to say this is already a big deal. Writers who have tried it have told me that it’s some rather stellar work. This will definitely be one to keep your eye on.

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