Indie Van Game Jam: A Game Jam Inside A Van

Indie Van Game Jam

Game jams are pretty cool, but what if you put one inside a van and drove it around the country? That’s what Binary Solo plans on finding out, or at least hopes to find out if this Kickstarter succeeds.

Formed by Chad Stewart and Zeb West, two former BioWare Austin employees, the tiny indie game studio based in the Texas capital has set the fiscal goal at $46,000 with the physical goal of producing a web series about traveling around to a bunch of indie game studios and talking with them before attempting to recreate their signature flair with a van-bound game jam between the two of them.

They describe it as “Man vs. Food meets Indie Game: The Movie” spread out across eight episodes, and while I doubt there will be an oversized milkshakes or nachos, I’m still hopeful. So far they have three studios lined up: Stoic Studio from Austin, known for The Banner Saga; Indie Game Collective from Boston; and Rob Lach from Chicago, the singular fellow behind Pop: Methodology Experiment One.

At the top end, you can drop $2,000 for producer and writer credits and the ability to get your interview questions answered by the developers. Or you can be more reasonable and get early access to episodes or special thanks or a DVD copy of the series. It seems like a cool idea, but you’ve got 20 days to decide if it seems cool to you, too.

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