The Walking Dead Game – Season 2 Teased



Telltales Games’ Walking Dead launched last year with amazing reviews. It brought many gamers to tears, to laughter and to gripping onto your chair hoping that these characters you’ve become attached to don’t get brutally eaten by a zombie.

Telltale have always said that there was going to be more than one Season and with the game being such a huge success of course there will be. Today, they announced that the Walking Dead Game Season 2 will be coming soon. How soon, nobody knows. I would guess within the next couple of months at least.

If you haven’t completed the first season look away now as spoilers are coming. The second season of the game will focus on Clementine. As you will have seen at the end of the first season. Lee has passed away and Clem is out on her own. She’s picked up some skills from her time with Lee but now she has to step up and try and survive on her own.

As seen below in the trailer the game is coming soon and will be coming to most current gen platforms including iOS, Xbox 360, PS3 and some other consoles. Check out the teaser trailer now.

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