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Truly A Game

Prepare yourself for a tautology: games are games. Video games, no matter how original or artful or steeped in tropes long refined, are just bits and pieces of things we’ve grown far too accustomed, perhaps even weary. More and more, you may find yourself saying a game is trite rather than it is objectively poor. […]

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Harold Ramis And The Rebels

Harold Ramis passed yesterday. I suspect his personal impact can be categorized as generational effects. Depending on when he and his oeuvre entered your life, you will hold him in different regard. He went through phases like any artist, and that shifted his place in the cultural landscape to match his metamorphoses. Nothing, though, can […]

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Doddcast 229 – They just aren’t that into you

  Resolution (again…), the utter contempt the gaming press feels towards gamers, and millions of awesome listener tweets discussed and debated. Music:  Ill with Want by The Avett Brothers, Soldier Side by System of a Down Here is where you can stream it. You can also grab it off of iTunes. Reach me at:  [email protected] Double […]

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Introducing Fast Travels

If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m terrible at keeping track of tiny things. This includes loose change, pen caps, and, unfortunately, memory cards. But I’m also pretty good at finding them waaaayyyyy down the line. In this particular case, I found the footage from my walkabout in Downtown Dallas. To put it more specifically, […]

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