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A Tad Bit Stale

Open world games are tough. No, wait, hold on: open world games are tough to make. There we go. The thing about giving the player a huge sandbox to play in is that you have to be able to both give enough tools for them to find their own fun but also give them reason […]

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Alien: Isolation Dated

Alien: Isolation has finally been given a worldwide launch date. The game will be releasing on October 7, 2014. If you aren’t familiar with Alien: Isolation, you surely must know what ‘Alien’ is. Alien has had some hit and miss games under the property over the last several years.  Aliens: Colonial Marines launched last year […]

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Video Game Jocks Podcast 3/27/2014

In this episode, we talk about Titanfall, Infamous: Second Son, the Predator in Call of Duty, EA’s Plan for the UFC Franchise, Facebook Buying Oculus VR, Saving Mr. Banks, Walking Dead, Girls, Shogun vs. Henderson 2, Monday Night Raw in Brooklyn, March Madness, We (Don’t) Answer Your Listener Mail and More!

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