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Game Club Rescheduling

We’ve decided to move Game Club back into the main show for now due to work hours and in the interests of staying focused. We may move it back into two shows at a later date but for now look for just one Digital Cowboys show a week. This weeks game that we will be […]

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Digital Cowboys : Episode 121

The Final Word on PAX 09
This is a full look back on our PAX experience and we’ve brought in Chris and Kelly Brown The Married Gamers who were there with us. We talk about a boat-load of upcoming top titles that we got to play and then pick over our favorite memories.
As of next week […]

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Our Live PAX Podcast

Hey all. Steve Artlip of Platform Nation very recently put up the audio file of a podcast we recorded live on the Sunday. It was the last day of PAX and we were utterly exhausted but it was a thrilling experience to have a mic thrown in front of us and basically ad-lib a show […]

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The PAX Plague

As no doubt some of you would have heard, the PAX plague has become quite the reality in the Digital Cowboys camp. Early yesterday, the official PAX 2009 Twitter announced there had a confirmed case of Swine Flu so anyone feeling ill should consult their doctor or the NHS Helpline immediately. Unfortunately, it […]

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