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Why I Don’t Love Cutscenes

Something occurred to me while playing Final Fantasy XI. I just don’t like it. I’ve tried beating it a few times but every time I start I get bored quickly. During the last round of L’Cie loathing I realized that it’s the cutscenes that throw me off. Now this got me thinking, why don’t I […]

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An Ode To Gaming Mothers

We know you’re out there Don’t try to hide it That love for games Is hard for anyone to quit Maybe you play Halo or Mario Kart One thing’s for sure to wrote to Ebert Explaining why games are in fact art You long for the day That your toddler will grow And sit right […]

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New Fallout:New Vegas Deets

In an Escapist interview with Project Lead, Josh Sawyer, we learned what can be expected of the newest edition to the Fallout franchise.  Without a doubt one of the best features of Fallout 3 was collecting junk and turning it into powerful weapons once you found the required schematics. With Fallout: New Vegas the weapon […]

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Netflix + Consoles = Profits

Michael Pachter, Wedbush analyst, has predicted that Netflix subscribers will jump by 3 million this year alone thanks to console owners. According to Pachter, he believes that Xbox 360 users added around 800,000 new subscribers to Netflix last year and he expected Playstation and Wii users to repeat those numbers.  When those numbers were higher […]

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