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Ask Warren Spector

You know Warren Spector, don’t you?
One of the godfathers of gaming? Wrote Deus Ex?
Yeah, that guy.
GameHounds will be meeting with Warren Spector about his latest project, Epic Mickey, and have face-to-face access to the big guy at this year’s PAX prime.
Yeah, we’re pretty excited, too.
So, it occurs to us, we wouldn’t be a community gaming […]

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TGIS: What Are You Playing?

Ahh, weekend. Who doesn’t love the weekend.
Crazy people, that’s who!
And who loves weekends most? Arguably, gamers. This is the precious hour when we can put some serious time into games.
So, what are you going to play this weekend? Any title that has you thinking, “The sooner I mow the lawn, take in the dry cleaning, […]

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Episode 122: Me and Mrs. Brown

Me and Mrs. Brown.
We got a thing… goin’ oooon!
Okay, so we just lost about half of you young folk, didn’t we?
It was a song, okay? An old song! A good song! About this guy and a married woman and… oh, nevermind.
Oh, I get it. You don’t care about classic R&B, you are about games.
This week, […]

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Episode 121: Orange Lazarus (Finally!)

Yes, finally… Finally, we have a resolution to our podcast server issues and we are back in control of our destiny.
Firstly, thank you for all your patience! It was a stressful week for me, as there was a constant drumbeat of “Gotta get the podcast out” going on in my head.
Second, I’d like to welcome […]

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Yeah, We Know It’s Late…

If you’ve been looking for the podcast and don’t see it… and then you turned your tear-streaked face skyward with fist clinched in righteous indignation…(Which I totally get because that happened to me just this morning when I realized Engineer Kev used all the milk) then fear not. It is neither gods nor prophesy that […]

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