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The Martian Review — Stargazing

The most remarkable thing about The Martian isn’t that it’s an original and entirely compelling film about human will but that it simply exists. Barely a decade or two ago, the idea of a movie that is smart and funny in this celestial way would have put off most of the moviegoing nation. And that […]

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Destiny Manifested

Watching destiny play out is a terribly boring thing. It’s different from the inevitable or from the inexorable, though, based simply on the sheer scale or meaning of events. Inevitable is watching a college physics professor ace a high school algebra exam. Destiny is the professor designing a ship that saves humanity from extinction. Strangely, […]

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The Unwavering Heroes Reborn

The most remarkable thing about Heroes Reborn isn’t that it exists—that is fairly noteworthy on its own, though—but that it feels exactly the same as its 2006 predecessor. Since its 2010 crumbling after a baffling fourth season, you would think that creator and showrunner Tim Kring would be hellbent on changing as much as possible. […]

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