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GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies Review: Steady On

While each individual component of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a well-produced and intriguing parcel, the gestalt fails to find a unique or even consistent thread to bind them all together. It’s more accurately an interwoven set of interviews concerning general indie game development. Yet with some knowledge of the industry, you can make […]

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Nature Of The Battle

Good Versus Evil. It’s an archetype known so well that it barely evokes anything from that vacuous pit you call a soul despite being a fundamental concept in storytelling, moral development, and basically everything else in life. But it’s precisely because it’s so ingrained that it often fails to inspire. That’s one of the more […]

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Furious 7 Review: A Calm

For all the bombast of the series, Furious 7 feels gravely intimate. They’ve condensed the cast down to something far more manageable and focused on just a few themes, perhaps showing growth as a dramatic franchise as well as one that will drive a car through three skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi. Action and narrative maturity […]

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SXSW Gaming 2015: Mixed Messages

This past weekend was the opening weekend of the annual Austin open bar Bacchanalia known as SXSW. Traditionally, it has been a platform for creators to expose their creations to a bountiful and receptive crowd of transient badge holders. But now the event is bursting at the seams, futilely attempting to contain a film festival, […]

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