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Prince of Peace — The Last Thoughts

It’s been almost two years now since the first issue of The Rise of the Antichrist came out. It was a strange and fascinating indie comic release. The fact that it was so odd, actually, was the only reason I took interest in it back then. It’s not often, after all, you find a comic […]

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The Flash: Season 3’s Speedy Recovery

The Flash hasn’t been good since the end of the first season. There, I said it. It’s a hard thing to admit, having slogged through the second season and its many ups and downs. It was sometimes great (*cough* Kevin Smith’s “The Runaway Dinosaur” episode *cough*) but never hit that level consistently. Granted, it was […]

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The Problem And Solution Of Superman

Tonight we’ll see the second episode of the second season of Supergirl, and along with it, the second appearance of Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. The series had already been doing fantastic work, making the addition of the most recognizable superhero in existence quite puzzling. After all, wasn’t part of the show’s success the fact that they […]

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Luke Cage: Season 1 Review — Unbreakable

Luke Cage makes a statement. He doesn’t hide in the shadows like Daredevil or even drunkenly stumbles through alleys like Jessica Jones. He is a perfectly stoic and heroic, an unwavering force that kicks down doors rather than open them and charges headfirst into a hail of gunfire. If he’s been there, you’re not going […]

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