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Some Thoughts On Rise Of The Antichrist #3

Last week saw the release of the third issue of Rise of the Antichrist, a new comic series we’ve covered here before. Written by Betvin Géant, it tells the story of a man named Michael whose Christianity-flavored psychosis is proving far more real than he would like as Satan goes from faith-based concept to unwelcome […]

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Ant-Man Review – Astoundingly Adequate

While it does nothing particularly wrong, Ant-Man also seems to be totally devoid of ambition. It has a fine sheen to it and even occasionally rises to or above what its worrisome production would otherwise preclude, but it is by far the least remarkable Marvel film thus far. You shouldn’t shy away from seeing it, […]

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What A Leak

There’s been a tweet floating around that I’m sure you’ve seen retweeted or favorited or surfaced in some other fashion regarding Marvel and DC Comics. Marvel pokes fun at leaked footage and DC (an unfair attribution since they’re not distributing) is kind of a party pooper. Following the rampant leaks of the big Hall H […]

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First Impressions: The Rise Of The Antichrist

There’s a lot to ponder after reading the first two issues of The Rise of the Antichrist, a brand new comic from Betvin Géant and Kay. Just now emerging after a few years in the pipeline and finally finding a publisher in Ether Comics, the duo tells the story of Michael, a man afflicted with […]

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