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Something Missing

The weird thing about silence is that it doesn’t really exist. Or, more accurately, you don’t measure it. Instead, you speak about it in a roundabout way. You measure its absence in a quantifiable unit of sound. Silence is binary; either there is sound or there isn’t. Something doesn’t really exist when it nothing more […]

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Her Spots

You already know what I think about the Veronica Mars movie in an objective sense. It’s decent, thriving more in its legacy than in its feature length strictures. It has its noir roots glowing just under the surface as its trademark shadowy frame was left in the CW graveyard. The film’s context often overshadows its […]

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SXSW 2014 Chef Review: Full Course

Being a movie about food, it’s not surprising that Chef leaves you feeling full. It’s kind, easy to take in, and luxuriates in the fact that it isn’t what writer/director/actor Jon Favreau has been known for in the past, namely the first two Iron Man films and Cowboys & Aliens. It packs in the stars, […]

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