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Forensically Yours

It was Colonel Mustard with the candlestick in the study! Whether through board-oriented channels like Clue, reading about simple and complex answers aboard the Orient Express, or staring down suspects in Zodiac, you are familiar with reaching these revelatory and seemingly inevitable conclusions. As you tell your computer to zoom and enhance on a piece […]

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Ant-Man Review – Astoundingly Adequate

While it does nothing particularly wrong, Ant-Man also seems to be totally devoid of ambition. It has a fine sheen to it and even occasionally rises to or above what its worrisome production would otherwise preclude, but it is by far the least remarkable Marvel film thus far. You shouldn’t shy away from seeing it, […]

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What A Leak

There’s been a tweet floating around that I’m sure you’ve seen retweeted or favorited or surfaced in some other fashion regarding Marvel and DC Comics. Marvel pokes fun at leaked footage and DC (an unfair attribution since they’re not distributing) is kind of a party pooper. Following the rampant leaks of the big Hall H […]

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