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Moana Review — Making Waves

Disney isn’t ever focused on doing anything earth-shatteringly new. Instead, this is an animation studio aiming towards, perhaps more than anything, on nailing the fundamentals. That’s where Moana lies, their latest CG project about a Māori demigod teaming up with a “princess” to fulfill one or more destinies. But despite being predictable at times—even bordering […]

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Trailer Roundup — Beauty And The Beast, The Last Guardian, And More

I like Harry Potter and his many, many adventures. Even as the books progressed and he revealed himself as a massively uninteresting fellow, he seemed nice enough. But it all started from the first book, which by all counts succeeded through J.K. Rowling’s unfettered and charming and engrossing vision of a world that lived alongside […]

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Arrival Review — From Inside

There’s a scene—a very important one—toward the beginning of Arrival. It’s tame and doesn’t do much that you don’t already know. It’s the reveal that there are aliens descending upon Earth. But you don’t see that. Instead, the camera chooses to focus solely on Louise Banks (Amy Adams). This is the thesis of the movie, […]

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