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Through The Day And Nightcrawler

Not the X-Men’s Nightcrawler, though he certainly is worth talking about as well. No, this is Nightcrawler, a film featuring debut director Dan Gilroy and an eerily thin Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a tense, forcefully kinetic, and brooding yet energetic movie that you should undoubtedly see, but it has a supremely interesting concept at its […]

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Fury Review: Tanks For Nothing

Busywork. If don’t have a job that puts you right in the path of tedious, monotonous tasks, then you’re surely familiar with the concept from your days in school. With that in mind, you can probably recall the feelings of boredom, watching time pass in increments slower than a clock can capture. If not, you […]

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Gone Girl Review: Never Found

Never have I been so uninterested in an interesting story. Gone Girl from the outset has a lot of promise, and the trailer would lead you to believe it’s all there. You have a story based on a New York Times bestseller; David Fincher at the reins directing; Ben Affleck handling the lead role; and […]

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