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Live By Night Review — Lifeless

Talk about punching above your weight. It’s a problem shared by not only every character of the movie but also the film itself. The source material was large and ambitious, stretching out into what felt like the boundaries of what crime stories have traditionally traded in. Ben Affleck’s adaptation instead seems to only struggle to […]

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A Monster Calls Review — Howling

There’s something to be said for complexity. It can hew closer to strident than you would like, but it is also what gives a movie depth. You get to chew through the layers, really savor each revelation as it reveals itself. And that’s where A Monster Calls succeeds. It throws a lot at the wall, […]

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La La Land Review — Ooo La La

Food. Air. Probably shelter. These are what you and almost everyone else consider the basic needs of human survival. To writer/director Damien Chazelle, however, there’s only one thing on that list: passion. His entire oeuvre has been pointed toward this single point of discussion, and La La Land, both along with and in spite of […]

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