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John Wick: Chapter 2 Review — It’s Lit

John Wick: Chapter 2 has the impossible task of following up one of the most unlikely successes in the history of Hollywood, yet it does exactly that with an incredible fervor and panache. It cranks up much of what made the 2014 experiment work past what you’d expect to either function or exist, managing to […]

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The Lego Batman Movie Review — The Good Kind Of Batty

On the list of Impossible Tasks in Hollywood, hitting hard with the big boys like explaining what happened to Brendan Fraser or not whitewashing thoroughly ethnic properties is the oft forgotten spin-off. Perhaps it’s because it’s such a fully vetted rule that you don’t hear about many attempts. (Need I remind you of The Scorpion […]

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You Should Probably Watch Hidden Figures

Okay, so I’m late to the party. Sue me. (Don’t actually do that. And don’t arrest me, please.) Hidden Figures came out on Christmas last year (a ridiculous statement that makes 2016 sound more than 25 days past), racked up three Academy Award nominations while losing two Golden Globe categories, and yet I still failed […]

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Split Review — Personalities

Since its premiere at last year’s Fantastic Fest, a lot of people have been calling Split M. Night Shyamalan’s return to form. To an extent, that’s true: it calls of the time when his name was less of a joke and more just a tender punchline. In another way, however, it shows an evolution for […]

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