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A Future Of Chatbots

As either you’ve heard, noticed, or made use of, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have followed the growing communications trend of Silicon Valley and thrown chatbots into Messenger. While at the F8 developer conference, the newly billionized social network opened up their communication product’s API with support for programmatic response entities. If you don’t use Slack […]

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Quantum Break And Signs Of The Future

There comes a moment in each generation when you realize it’s been done. The old has been dead and buried and the new steps back from the horizon and becomes everything around you. Sometimes it’s a violent changing of the guards and other times it’s subtle, almost imperceptible. In the case of video games, it […]

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SKIO Music And Remixing The Industry

The sun is setting in Austin, Texas. It’s the first night of SXSW Music and I’m sitting at the edge of a pool downtown overlooking the Colorado River. Filling the air is the cacophony of 30,000 people making their way to the Rainey Street menagerie or waiting for the legendary Congress Avenue Bridge bats. It […]

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Is VR Worth It?

It’s a question I’ve gotten a lot in the past week. On Monday, the Oculus Rift was unleashed to consumers. This upcoming Tuesday, the HTC Vive will also hit digital-to-physical shelves. The Samsung Gear VR has been out since November and the PlayStation VR will be out in October. We are, as much as we […]

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Let’s Talk About The Instagram Algorithm

The Internet hates things. I sincerely doubt they love things—it’s more about obsession like with Beyoncé and Tom Hiddleston—but boy does it hate things, like, super hard. And it’s only natural. The average negative voice is always far louder than the average positive one. Case in point: Instagram and its new algorithmic feed. If you […]

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