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Time And Insanity

Time Magazine done goofed yesterday. Unless its sole intent was to remind everyone that it still exists and has a physical presence in the form of a magazine, then it only served to insult an entire industry, probably fill a CEO with ire, and be the source of hundreds of Photoshopped images. With even a […]

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Halo 5: Guardians HoloLens – Hands-on At E3 2015

Let’s get this right out of the way: HoloLens, Microsoft’s response to the virtual reality resurgence of late, is incredibly cool. It’s not necessarily impressive, but it is undoubtedly neato. You throw it on like any other VR headset but it instead opts for an augmented reality experience, altering what you can already see rather […]

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Let’s Talk About Apple Music

The One More Thing coming out of Apple’s WWDC this year was a doozy, and not perhaps in a good way. Prolonging the already interminable keynote by over an hour, we were treated to the long predicted reveal of Apple Music, the company’s broad response to no longer being the dominant name in the online […]

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