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Telekinesis Kyle And The Mindful Sort

The Vellum Interactive booth isn’t a booth so much as it is a foldout table and some iPad Minis. Spread across their sole physical structure is a slew of stickers that say “DOES YOUR MIND EVEN LIFT?” And if the Vellum name sounds familiar, it’s probably because they made a splash during the election last […]

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Progression Perfected

Progress is what we live for. Without some sense of growth or even a goal to aim for beyond our current capabilities, attainable or not, we die. It’s just that simple, if a bit hyperbolized. I don’t necessarily prescribe to the extreme that George Clooney proselytized in Up in the Air, but I do agree […]

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Nvidia Enters The Handheld Gaming Market With Project Shield

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show, to most people, was going to be the genesis of a new era, a new angle for the annual Las Vegas technology convention. Most say since Bill Gates retired and stopped delivering the keynote (which he had done since 2003) that it has been understood that CES will eventually transition […]

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