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The X-Files — A Glove-Like Fit

Good news, everyone! Time travel does exist! If you don’t believe me, look around and try to refute that we’re back in the 90s. A Jurassic Park film crushed box offices last year, Twin Peaks is back in production, a new Star Wars just came out, and now we have a new season of The […]

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Let’s Talk About RocketJump: The Show

Hulu is trying so hard. Really, Hulu has been trying so hard for the past several years. Do you remember back in 2010 when they took over the production of The Booth at the End from FX? It was really quite good but never gained much traction. In fact, while the quality wavers in and […]

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You Should Probably Watch W/ Bob And David

At this point, most people say they’ve seen Mr. Show with Bob and David but have never actually laid eyes on the seminal sketch show. It’s the same sort of deal folks have with Citizen Kane and Rashomon. Some things are so important, you can’t afford to not be a part of the conversation. This […]

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