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Highlights From Sony At E3 2014

Well, as good as Microsoft was on Monday morning, the general consensus seems to be that Sony somehow surpassed the Redmond efforts. Honestly, I’m inclined to agree. Not only did we get a far more varied selection of game demos thrown at us with Sony, there were more significant surprises, which is really what a […]

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Her Spots

You already know what I think about the Veronica Mars movie in an objective sense. It’s decent, thriving more in its legacy than in its feature length strictures. It has its noir roots glowing just under the surface as its trademark shadowy frame was left in the CW graveyard. The film’s context often overshadows its […]

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Likely Story

A balance must be struck. Video games, despite being an industry of (almost) wholly fabricated concepts and stories, have a tendency of both being and striving to be realistic. It’s strange considering that one of the great advantages of not being based in reality is the freedom to be anything you want, but we still […]

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