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Harold Ramis And The Rebels

Harold Ramis passed yesterday. I suspect his personal impact can be categorized as generational effects. Depending on when he and his oeuvre entered your life, you will hold him in different regard. He went through phases like any artist, and that shifted his place in the cultural landscape to match his metamorphoses. Nothing, though, can […]

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Transparent Pilot Review: So Clearly

The title of Jill Soloway’s Transparent, another of Amazon’s second slate of pilots, works on a few levels. The first is quite obvious (hint: it’s a word) and the second works as a play on the tagline of the show, but the third is perhaps most important. On the outset, Transparent looks to be another […]

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The After Pilot Review: Something Strange

Of all the Amazon pilots, my expectations were highest were for The After. Well, perhaps not expectations, but certainly my hopes. Written and directed by The X-Files creator Chris Carter, it attempts to delve back into his cozy home of supernatural shenanigans. Unfortunately, this pilot is more of a mishmash of poorly cobbled tropes and […]

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Hits Like A Truck

Question: how does a good story make you feel? Obviously the possible answers are nearly endless seeing as how at any point during the tale, you could land anywhere on an infinitely divisible spectrum of emotions. Happy and sad are only the beginning, and a really good story can make you melancholy, nostalgic, depressed, indignant, […]

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