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Lucha Underground At SXSW 2016

HOOO LEEEE SHII—IIIT *clap clap clapclapclap* This is the most fun I’ve ever had at SXSW. This includes wrecking a barbecue joint with Dave Franco, talking to Anna Kendrick on the red carpet, and engaging in a dance circle battle on the roof of Shakespeare’s Pub on Sixth Street. All of those are, quite frankly, […]

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Powerpuff Girls Return At SXSW 2016

I saw President Obama speak. I partied on a rooftop with movie stars. I even ate P. Terry’s on a bed with Food Network on in the background. But easily the most impressive celebration at this year’s SXSW so far (the Gaming Awards are this Saturday) was the return of The Powerpuff Girls. Cartoon Network […]

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Let’s Talk About The X-Files Finale

It all combusted. The six-episode 10th season of The X-Files tried to pack in so much potent tinder to stoke the fires and instead ended up burning to the ground. I guess you could call it noble intentions, but despite what Christmas-themed allegories tell you, it’s rarely the thought that counts. That same sentiment could […]

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You Should Probably Watch Cooked

Insights are fairly common in this world. All you have to do is pop open a random Wikipedia page and start reading. The facts are, like, right there. Insights that single-handedly convince you of a new or different idea or perspective, however, are basically unicorns. That, somehow, is all Cooked seems to be capable of. […]

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