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You Should Probably Play Virginia

There are a lot of good things about Virginia, an odd little forensic narrative from developers Variable State. It proudly and rightly wears its 90s influences of The X-Files and Twin Peaks on its sleeves and every sleeve you see on the way. It has a strangely entrancing graphical style, one that evokes visually minimal […]

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You Should Probably Play The Bunker

I don’t think The Bunker is a very good game. It’s not even a mildly good game, and that’s mostly because of one thing: it’s not really a game at all. On the spectrum of FMV games—one that ranges from one half-hearted step beyond being a movie to full-on controlling these real people like digital […]

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The Best Thing About Forza Horizon 3

It’s remarkable how little driving games have changed in the past decade. Beyond that, even. For all the guff we give Call of Duty and Madden about releasing the same rote package of bullets and balls every year, we never say anything about how driving is still pretty much just turning left or right. Hell, […]

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