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Cowherd’s Words

“Oh fuck this guy.” I turned my head to my friend as he said this. It was an understandable reaction. He’d just read the bitter words from ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd. And I get it. After reading Cowherd’s view on televising competitive video games—more commonly known as eSports— I wanted to say the same thing. […]

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Broken Age Act 2 Review: Another Time

The second half of Broken Age is out, just a scant two and a half years after the original Kickstarter promise. And while perfectly fine on its own as an entertaining, beautiful, and engaging adventure game, it takes a step down from Act 1 in many regards. That, however, shouldn’t stop you from giving it […]

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GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies Review: Steady On

While each individual component of GameLoading: Rise of the Indies is a well-produced and intriguing parcel, the gestalt fails to find a unique or even consistent thread to bind them all together. It’s more accurately an interwoven set of interviews concerning general indie game development. Yet with some knowledge of the industry, you can make […]

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Pushing Blood In Bloodborne

While I’ve yet to finish Bloodborne, I can tell you that it’s well worth your time. It somehow both refines what you’ve come to appreciate (I won’t say love because fuck Souls games) and usurps your expectations from Dark Souls. And From Software does it with just two simple changes. In getting through Dark Souls […]

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