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Jazzy Conquests

Consider this totally not original thought: games are weird. An obvious statement, sure, but the ways they are strange are more interesting than the simple fact that they are. For instance, many of them force you to divide the concepts of literal action and gaming action; what you see may not always be what you’re […]

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Mercenary Kings Review: Kill Shot

Despite what you might think from its shell, Mercenary Kings is imbued with an impressive number of inspirations from some rather varied sources. Its simple but delightful pixel art and recognizable format begs you to pigeonhole it as just another side-scrolling Contra wannabe, but it tries to do a lot more than that. Unfortunately, not […]

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Betrayer Review: An Odd, New World

I played Betrayer back in October when it was just a part of Steam’s Early Access program. To quote, “I loved the first 10 minutes of Betrayer. And then the game part of it revealed itself.” And I stand by that. The first 10 minutes of Betrayer are beautiful and moody and an excellent piece […]

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Monument Valley Review: New Perspective

Mobile games are chockfull of potential in spite of and due to their platform’s limitations. When they hunker down and focus on one or two key aspects, they have a chance to find what their peak forms can take. Ridiculous Fishing, for instance, excelled at giving the player tangible, progressive upgrades free from frustration or […]

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