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The Industry That Ate Itself

“Are you ever frustrated with a hobby because of its community?” That’s the question a friend posed to me in a text yesterday afternoon. I responded in the only way I knew how, and that was with the truth. The inquiry had to be rephrased, though. Have I ever been frustrated with a profession because […]

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The Year In Review: #2 Far Cry 4

You like Far Cry 4. I know you do. You know you do. Even if its ostensible aim (open world shooter) isn’t your cup of tea, there’s something in there for you to do. It is, impressively, an absurdly wide ranging game. Granted, the majority of the time, you’ll be shooting people, but the ways […]

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The Year In Review: #3 Shovel Knight

This is what happens when you give a knight a shovel. You end up, curiously enough, with one hell of a game. The $311,502 from Kickstarter sure didn’t hurt, but most of the credit goes to Yacht Club Games for taking the old skeletons from the games of yesteryear and shaking loose all the good […]

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Apple’s Censored Garden

“Because I said so.” That is the hefty hammer of rule wielded by many parents and suffered by many children. Why can’t you buy this book at the book fair? Because I said so. Why can’t you stay up to watch one more episode of [insert show kids watch]? Because I said so. Sometimes it’s […]

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