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Heroic Contrast

Creating a hero is a tricky, subtle art. There are some ground rules that apply, though they’re more guidelines for generally creating friendly characters. For instance, don’t make them evil. That, in addition to making it very hard for them to be a protagonist, is just not very likable. Great starting point. It’s not, however, […]

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Overcharged And Overjoyed

They try so hard. Studios, designers, developers. They all try so hard to tell you something. From the perils of imbuing the unprepared with power to the necessary heroics of all space marines, the net results is always supposed to be a sensation of revelation. Perhaps you hadn’t played a platformer like this before or […]

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Halo 2 And The 10-Year Itch

There has been a lot of Halo in the air. It’s a bit like a roaming, free-floating sensation of Christmas jollies surrounding you, but it’s far more explosion-y. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is on the verge of release (it’s happening tomorrow), including a fresh launch trailer for the sizable aggregation. The reviews have already […]

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Changing Paces

A massive shock to a dying system is what I consider Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. As much as I was over Call of Duty before with whatever notions of banality and boredom were infused into the franchise by its seventh(!) iteration of the modern era, this latest release has done something significant: it has […]

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Advanced Fragmentation And Warfare

I’m not sure it’s entirely safe to label a Call of Duty release the “biggest entertainment launch ever,” let alone the year. It didn’t happen last year and it probably won’t happen this year. Not only has that been on a downward trajectory for a while now (something Activision foolishly blames on the generational transition), […]

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