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Until the 2000s, there was a hard divide between what you saw at home and what you saw in movie theatres. The aspect ratio for film allowed for a widened field of view, drastically increasing what you saw and what you could glean from the surrounding scene. Home viewing on boxy 4:3 televisions unapologetically chopped […]

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How many of you out there work for a boss of sorts? In a cubicle, at a cash register, or wherever you are, you probably answer to someone. And it’s a tiring existence, I’m sure. The majority of those in some superior position have failed to keep up with modern sensibilities: it’s not about butts […]

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The Score

Last week, Eurogamer made a change. It was, in fact, a monumental one. It was a simply stated conundrum: “How should we score an excellent game with severe networking issues? A flawlessly polished game with a hackneyed design? A brilliantly tuned multiplayer experience with dreadful storytelling?” The result? They dropped review scores. It has been […]

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Games copy other games. That’s just the natural order of things. Artists, writers, or whatever creative profession you can think of copies from those before them. “Good artists copy; great artists steal.” It’s why archetypes, genres, and the like exist: to build off of and create new things. It’s then extra interesting when those fundamentals […]

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