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Looking Forward To 2017 — Everything Else

So here’s the thing: 2017 looks fucking insane. A lot of what’s coming is sequels or reboots, but they have been a long time coming and following up to monumental pieces of gaming history. You can’t really look away when Rockstar Games put something, and Arkane Studios is getting that same sort of (well deserved) […]

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Looking Forward to 2017 — Xbox One

Comparing this to the PlayStation 4 list, this does look a bit anemic, but that’s only superficial. The games on here are predicted to be straight up bangers. That whole quality over quantity thing? It’s this list right here. (Also, due to the nature of Microsoft being Microsoft, these are all coming out for PC, […]

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Looking Forward to 2017 — PlayStation 4

Normally, we do these lists according to a holistic, date-based schedule. But with the proliferation of broken/unfinished games coming out, it’s nice to see developers getting more laterality in the release of their games from publishers. It’s frustrating, sure, as a consumer not knowing when your favorite game is coming out, but that’s a better […]

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The Year in Review #1 — Inside

There’s really no other way to say it other than Inside is flawless. Obviously what it means to be perfect is different to every person and player, but it’s impossible to deny that Inside fully realizes the precise and exact vision that Playdead wanted to achieve. There is no such thing as wasted space or […]

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