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Final Fantasy XV Review — From Point A

The value of a trip is in the journey, not the destination. That is an age-old adage—bastardized, admittedly, from Ralph Waldo Emerson—that is eerily appropriate for Final Fantasy XV. One of its greatest strengths is its road trip conceit, throwing you into a jarring but loving shiny black convertible with three of your best buddies […]

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The Game Awards 2016 Highlights — Death Stranding, Live Doom, And More

Last night was the third annual Game Awards, Geoff Keighley’s brain child ever since his run with the Spike Video Game Awards/VGAs/VGX ended in 2013. It went smoothly as ever, combining the usual and baffling amount of actual award dispersal, world premiere trailers, tired trailers, and non video-based marketing. For some reason, this year’s Game […]

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Road Trippin’ In Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV is out. Jeez, it’s been so long since it was announced, I thought those words would never be truthfully said aloud. It has been 10 years since Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and since then, the game has taken on a Duke Nukem Forever sort of mythological presence in the industry. Shit, if […]

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