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You Should Probably Play Quadrilateral Cowboy

After a six-month project turned into a four-year ordeal, Brendon Chung of Blendo Games has finally released Quadrilateral Cowboy. And in that protracted gestation period, Chung has managed to bare the very bones that prop up our digital worlds and still immerse you in its wholly artificial world. It achieves this at-odds blend with a […]

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Highlights — Doctor Strange, Justice League, And More

It’s always weird when things happen during the week only to lead to culminating weekend. Case in point: San Diego Comic-Con, which is perhaps the only Comic-Con that comes to mind when folks see the words “Comic-Con.” It kicked off on Thursday and kept going, like, really hard into the weekend with its traditionally substantial […]

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I Am Setsuna — Nostalgia’s Sake

It takes an awful lot of courage to put right on your website that your video game is a callback to one of the few RPGs that climb up to the rank of Timeless and Masterpiece, but that’s exactly what I Am Setsuna does with Chrono Trigger. It’s also a very precise inspiration for a […]

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