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For Honor Review — Clash ‘Em Up

For Honor would have you believe two contrasting things at once. The first, presented primarily by Ubisoft itself, is that it is a game of nonstop, unrelenting action. The second is that it is a heretofore unheard of and completely novel combat experience. They are both true, and in equal measures, that is for the […]

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Semispheres Review — Break Yourself

Semispheres feels impossible. Not that it, as a puzzle game, actually is unsolvable, but it very often feels like what it wants from you would require you to rip your brain in half. The key, however, to the game is that it doesn’t quite make it necessary and instead teases you with the possibility of […]

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In the Shadows — Hands-on At PAX South 2017

In the Shadows is gorgeous with its moody and atmospheric lighting contrasting the blocky 8-bit style. In the Shadows is a thinker, throwing puzzles at you that are genuinely challenging and rewarding. But most of all, In the Shadows is personal. It got its start on Kickstarter, successfully locking down $13,454 in pledges in May […]

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